Monday, 25 March 2013

Latest on the Bath Peregrines

Female having a plucking good time. Photo: Hamish Smith

Earlier last week, Hamish and Colin were out watching the Bath pair of Peregrines. Hamish spotted them mating for the first time on Tuesday 19th March, and Colin (Hawk and Owl Trust) checked the camera view on the nest box - there was no sign of a scrape or eggs. 

And on Wednesday 20th Hamish says, 
'No birds on the church at first, but very soon a flock of pigeon lifted from the surrounding buildings as the female came in from the direction of Parade Park, carrying a pigeon which she proceeded to prepare on one of the turrets.  Bath Peregrine Watch veterans will be only too well aware of AA’s (the male) attention to catching and sharing of prey.  In essence, what he catches is his, and what the female catches is his also.  AA flew through a shower of pigeon feathers directly at the female, and amid much vocalising but very little debate, AA was left on the turret with nothing but feathers as the female headed for a gargoyle with her catch.  She proceeded to eat her fill, then flew off to the Abbey, presumably to cache the remains as she returned ‘empty handed’ a few minutes later.  

Female safe on her gargoyle, but keeping a close eye on her mate. Photo: Hamish Smith

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