Monday, 27 May 2013

Peregrines late hatching in the West Country

Like many other birds across the UK this year, Peregrines have been breeding later in some parts of the country. While pairs in the London area appear to be on time compared to previous years, those around Bristol are running a week or two later than they were in 2012. By now I would have normally ringed most of the Peregrine chicks available, but this year I am hoping to ring my first today! There are various reasons why this may be happening - it may relate to the condition of the adult birds after a cold winter; the availability of food (ie small birds); the cooler spring temperatures; and natural variation. Despite the late start, the chicks that hatched around three weeks ago appear to be doing well and are growing fast. More photos to follow of this year's young Peregrines. 


  1. We were up at Avon Gorge today and think we saw a peregrine falcon being chased by a crow and then sitting in a tree. Back was slightly brownish which confused us. Quite small. Is this likely?

  2. Hi Caroline, Yes, this was probably a juvenile male peregrine which will still be brown at this time - they will develop their grey plumage next year (around May/June time).